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September 6, 2012: Meet Brandon!

Hello there! My name is Brandon McClelland and you may have noticed me taking care of some Ogre-related stuff in my new role as Ogre Correspondent, like answering such great questions as "How do I change my address?" and "Where the FN*RD is my name!?!??!"

When not dealing with that, I provide internal tech support for our Austin team. That includes everything from troubleshooting software issues to building computers. I've been messing around with computers since I was a child of the '80s. I moved to Austin back in 2007 and have been doing a variety of jobs before landing here: math tutor; live sound engineering; map creation for the oil, gas, and mineral industry; in-game customer service for a major MMO; and BIOS Technician for a major PC manufacturer.

For the past few years I've been studying programming and game design through the wonderful Visual Communication department of Austin Comunity College, as well as pursuing personal interests in aikido and yoga. I've also studied music, film, and video production, as well as photography.

That's probably enough to paint you a clear picture. Besides, I've got to go; someone's asking me if I know anything about creating phone apps . . .

-- Brandon McClelland

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