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October 27, 2020: Warehouse 23 Halloween Sale Enters Twilight

The moon is almost full, the fog has rolled in  – All Hallow's Eve is upon us! With the rise of the spooks, that means the Warehouse 23 Halloween Sale is nearing its end (according to legend)! Those same legends tell of scary good deals on seasonal favorites, like the Zombie Dice Brain Case and Score Pads, accessories that really complete your game. Ghosts Love Candy is the perfect game if you're missing out on trick-or-treating; you can still dress up and get some candy! Or add some gore to your GURPS with GURPS Horror and Zombies. And everyone needs a Halloween Chibithulhu to guard their room  . . . you don't want to know what's hiding under your bed . . . 

Halloween Sale

Get your ghoul on while there's still time – the sale ends this weekend! As always, orders over $150 get free U.S. shipping (but not in Alaska or Hawaii), and come with randomly inserted promos. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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