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October 25, 2020: Crowdfunding Focus: Brick Buddies!


We've featured Guy Himber's CrazyBricks on the Illuminator a number of times, and he's back with some more custom Lego-compatible bricks. This time, they come in the form of blind bag Brick Buddies, a series of animal-themed brick creatures with adorable faces and colorways. Of course there's the cute dogs, cats, cows, and pandas, but there's also a selection of harder to find colorations, like golden and glow-in-the-dark variations. Not to mention my personal favorite, Hunter S. Meloncat. That must be named for someone truly remarkable. 


Brick Buddies


CrazyBricks is also responsible for Munchkin Bricks 1 & 2, Munchkin-themed accessory sets compatible with Lego minifigures. You can have your own Rat on a Stick, Duck of Doom, and Munchkinomicon, among others, ready to place into the hands of your minifigures. Never pick up a duck in a dungeon, and don't step on a floor covered in Lego bricks. 

Brick Buddies closes in mid-November, so you've still got some time to check it out and get those blind bags. You can find Munchkin Bricks and other fun accessory sets on the CrazyBricks website as well!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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