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October 18, 2020: Congratulations, David!!!

We've worked with David Blanchard at GPI for well over a decade. In that time, David has helped take our ideas from concept to the game table. Whether it was making the overwhelming mass of the Ogre Designer's Edition come to life or moving mountains to meet our scheduled release dates, David has been a champion of our work. If we go by numbers alone, David has been involved in over 100 Steve Jackson Games releases since 2008.

Now, David has tackled a new challenge: Check out David's new album on Bandcamp! Where some of us have used the last six months of lockdown and quarantine to simply place one foot in front of the other and survive the new world (guilty!), David invested sleepless nights into writing, recording, and releasing ten tracks of music. He did all of the work on his own!

Congratulations, David! Your unending devotion to creating artistic works is an inspiration that I will not forget.

-- Phil Reed

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