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March 26, 2023: Now Available, The Elder Futhark Die


After the success of The Zodiac Die, we decided to expand our library of dice + books with The Elder Futhark Die, a massive 24-sided die you can use with almost any roleplaying game . . . so long as you're imaginative and not afraid to roll the die and make up a story as the randomness of life hits your table. 

Cast The Runes! Tell your characters' fortunes or your own - Viking style! This set includes a 24-sided die inscribed with the runes of the Elder Futhark, along with a 20-page book of rune lore to help you interpret them. Make your predictions - it's a game and a history lesson all in one!

The Elder Futhark Die is available today at your favorite local game store. If you don't have a local store, then you can always find this  –  and our other dice, accessories, and complete games  –  at the Steve Jackson Games online store, Warehouse 23. Check out the dice in our store today!

-- Phil Reed

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