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March 9, 2023: Hack & Slash Promo Cards, Playmat, And T-Shirt Now On Kickstarter


We released the Hack & Slash expansion earlier this year, and now we're adding even more content to the game with this Kickstarter campaign. The heart of Hack & Slash – and the key to replayability – is the game's cards, so the 13 new promo cards we're producing add a lot of depth to the experience. The new promos are a mix of quest cards and Treasure cards (Treasures were introduced in Hack & Slash 2), and the easiest way to get them all is to back the Kickstarter campaign today.

Of course, since these are promo cards, they'll see staggered release once we fulfill the Kickstarter campaign. We often add promo cards to Warehouse 23 orders and send them to conventions, so you can alway choose to wait and try to collect a complete set by finding the cards in the wild. But the absolute best way to guarantee you have a complete set is to join in the Kickstarter campaign.

In addition to the new promos, we're also offering a Hack & Slash playmat and a T-Shirt. The playmat was designed to work with the core game and expansion, so it's a better buy if you own both of those. For those of you who have not yet picked up a copy of the game, we have reward levels in the Kickstarter project that give you a chance to get the entire series at once.

Please click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign. The project closes in one week and ships to Canada, the EU, the UK, and the US.

-- Phil Reed

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