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March 20, 2023: Munchkin Kittens Now Shipping!


The fifth printing of Munchkin Kittens has landed and is now officially shipping to distributors. One of the more popular of our many Munchkin mini-expansions, Munchkin Kittens was first published in November of 2015 and continues to be one of our evergreen Munchkin supplements. 

What's an "evergreen" title? These are the games, expansions, and accessories that sell steadily year after year, forming the backbone of our operations. Game publishing can feel like a treadmill at times, especially in today's periodicals-like market, so having a library of consistent sellers is a huge benefit and greatly helps with stability. We're fortunate enough to have dozens of evergreens, of which Munchkin Kittens is merely one example. 

With Munchkin Kittens again shipping to stores, now's also an excellent time to direct you to the Munchkin Kittens dice bag. And if you need something to dump in that cute little dice bag, don't forget our Kitten d6 Dice Set! Steve's upcoming We Love Cats game (mentioned here) would also fit neatly in the Munchkin Kittens dice bag . . . but that game is not yet available. News to come, gang!

-- Phil Reed

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