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March 14, 2023: Sneak Peek: Steve Jackson's We Love Cats Coming To Game Stores This Fall!


Steve leaked news of one of his upcoming games, Tabloids, in a Daily Illuminator last month (posted here), and now I'm taking it on myself to share another one of Steve's designs that is scheduled for a late 2023 release.

We Love Cats, currently planned at $9.95, is a fast-playing dice game about adopting cats. Packaged in the same size box as One Roll Quest (first edition) and 12 Dice of Christmas, We Love Cats includes two custom six-sided dice, 30 tokens, and a bag to carry everything, making this a portable family game you'll pull out at restaurants for many years to come. 

This sneak peek is so early that we don't even have a webpage for the game, but that doesn't stop us from sharing the news: We Love Cats is coming to game stores worldwide late this year! The dice are currently in the tooling stage at the factory, the design work is complete, and we'll pull the trigger on printing just as soon as we receive (and approve) the dice samples.

Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok accounts for more news as We Love Cats moves through the manufacturing process and races to your table.

-- Phil Reed

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