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June 18, 2012: Get A Firecracker For The Fourth Of July?

Car Wars Division 5 Set 2 - Stinger vs. Firecracker

Here in the United States, summer is a magical time of hungry insects, long drives, and fireworks. We honor all three with Car Wars Division 5 Set 2 - Stinger vs. Firecracker, a complete Car Wars encounter that's ready to print and play. It has the rules, counters, and vehicles you need to stage a two-player offensive-driving event. The summer is a perfect time to swat some bloodthirsty Stinger or be dangerous by messing around with a short-fused Firecracker. Combine this supplement with Division 5 Set 1 - Killer Kart vs. Shrimp for a frolicking four-way frenetic firefight!

-- Steven Marsh

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