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June 1, 2012: Conan Fans, Howard Days Is Next Week

The annual Robert E. Howard celebration, Howard Days, is scheduled for next Friday and Saturday, June 8-9. I attended last year (thoughts posted at my personal site) and had considered going again this year . . . but Ogre has kept me a little too busy for any weekend trips. With Munchkin Conan hitting stores this summer, it would have been fun to go to the show and talk with Conan fans (and then it would have been a business trip instead of just the mini-vacation that it was last year). Maybe next year . . .

If you're a fan of pulp fantasy, within driving range of Cross Plains, TX (Google Maps), and free next weekend, I suggest heading out to the festival. You'll find a lot of friendly Howard fans to chat with, you'll get a chance to buy some great books, and you will even spend time staring at the tiny, dark home where Robert E. Howard wrote stories that will live forever.

-- Phil Reed

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