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June 17, 2012: Cthulhu Dice, Now With More Metšl

Heavy Cthulhu DiceCthulhu Dice Metäl is on schedule for release in August. More than a few people have asked, "Cool, but what's it made of?" As you can see in the photo, Cthulhu Dice Metäl is made of pure Metäl awesome! These diecast metal dice -- available in three finishes -- were the result of brainstorming sessions with our friends at Grand Prix International discussing manufacturing options. The dice turned out far more impressive than I had expected . . . I can't wait to try creating more metal dice! And now I really want to tackle a giant glass version of the die . . . for decoration only, of course.

With any luck, we'll have Cthulhu Dice Metäl with us at GenCon in August. And shortly after that, the game will be in stores, so get out there and tell your favorite local retailer that you want some Metäl in your life. Cthulhu Dice Metäl!

-- Phil Reed

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