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July 29, 2011: A Visit To Discworld

Not exactly Discworld, but on Saturday, July 9, I woke to a bit of a minor disaster: the special Munchkin card that we printed for NADWCon 2011 (see the July 1 Daily Illuminator) was missing in transit. That card was created specifically for the convention, so there was only one option for me: it was time to fly to Madison, WI and personally deliver the cards. A late arrival in Madison kept me from attending the convention until the next day, but early that Sunday morning John Kovalic picked me up at my hotel and rushed me to the convention.

And since I was in Madison at the same time as Terry Pratchett, it was only appropriate that I spent a little time with Terry to discuss business. I really appreciate that Terry took the time to meet with me, and I'm happy to report that Sean's making excellent progress on the new edition of the Discworld Roleplaying Game. When will it be released? No definite release date yet, but as soon as we have scheduled the game we'll let you know.

There was more to my unexpected trip to Madison than a meeting with Terry Pratchett, but to spare those of you who have no interest in books, talks with old friends, and time in a northern city, I've kept the long rambling nonsense over on battlegrip.com. Do not click the link if you want to remain safe from my insane mumbling.

-- Phil Reed

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