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July 18, 2011: Speed Up The Buying So Monsters Start Dying!

Dungeon Fantasy 13 LoadoutsThe joys of summer include long days, relaxing vacations, and impromptu trips . . . like when you and a group of friends decide it'd be fun to charge into a nearby dungeon and relieve its occupants of their belongings and lives. Your skills are honed; the horses are fueled. But wait! Did we all forget equipment? Did nobody bring weapons? Why is everyone naked?

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 13: Loadouts resolves this all-too-common problem, with the style and elegance you've come to expect from the Dungeon Fantasy line. This supplement presents equipment lists for every profession from the first 12 Dungeon Fantasy installments! Simply pick a kit, choose one of the custom-tailored options, cross the right amount of money off your character sheet, and start having fun. You can also print one of the ready-to-use equipment sheets for even easier play!

Every kit comes with the gear, weapons, and armor appropriate to the profession. Each element has its weight and cost listed, and every kit and lens includes total weight and cost, as well. There is also a smattering of new items and weapons. In addition, whether you're a big-and-tall barbarian or a petite pixie, we've got you covered; all kits provide the info you need to adjust costs and weights based on alternate sizes.

With GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 13: Loadouts, you'll get out of the bazaar aisles and fight the bizarre in style!

-- Steven Marsh

Where's Andrew Today?

Today, Andrew will be popping into two stores: from 1-4 pm, he'll be at The Game Ogre in Northridge, CA; and from 7 pm to close, he'll be hanging out at Game Empire Pasadena (in Pasadena, CA, of course). Stop in and say hi!

-- Paul Chapman

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