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July 23, 2011: New Shiny Gear!

Two Munchkin Pawns We're bringing a couple new pieces of equipment to Gen Con this year, but my favorite is the capsule machine. Yep, just like the dispensers outside your local grocery store, this one is filled with cool stuff! Will you get a glow-in-the-dark Munchkin pawn, or the ninja one? (If it's all black, that's the ninja version, right? Andrew, can I get a bonus in Munchkin Fu with a black pawn?)

What? You've never seen these pawns before? Oh, that's right . . . the capsule machine will be the first place these special limited run items will be available. And honestly, it's likely to be the only place. For just a dollar -- four quarters only, please, so bring a handful from that jar of change on the nightstand -- I expect the capsules to empty out pretty quickly.

Besides the pawns, we'll have capsules with Munchkin dice and coins, plus some surprises that are too big for the capsules. After all, they're only 2", and we've got plenty of cool stuff that would almost fit.

So bring your quarters, and turn the shiny handle!

A Note To Journalists Attending Gen Con

Are you a journalist, podcaster, or blogger who wants to get the latest scoop on Steve Jackson Games, straight from Steve Jackson himself? E-mail Phil Reed (phil@sjgames.com) to set up an interview slot at either Gen Con or PAX Prime. But Steve's Gen Con schedule is filling up quickly; get your requests in soon!

-- Paul Chapman

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