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January 26, 2023: In Praise Of PDFs

I recently wrote about our efforts at "uplifting" our print-on-demand reprints to color with full errata as part of our On Demand program. This had another side effect – which is one of my favorite aspects of the digital era. Namely, we updated all those volumes in folks' Warehouse 23 digital libraries.

This was nontrivial! We're still in the process of breaking in the new Warehouse 23, so we needed to redo the files on all our digital stores. In addition, I took the opportunity to refresh the preview files, since I want folks to see extracts of the exact files they're getting if they buy the PDFs.

If you purchased these items previously through an account with our online store, simply log into that account, check out your downloadable library (on the new or old site), and grab the new versions today!

-- Steven Marsh

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