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January 17, 2023: Munchkin Witches And Dice Store Pre-Orders Closing Today

We've added an extra day to TWO huge Backerkit stores offering pre-orders for Munchkin Witches and our semi-regular Dice Store. They've been very successful, so much so that we've already extended them an extra week for folks who missed them during the holidays. But all good things must come to an end, and today is definitely your last chance to pre-order all this great loot.

Munchkin Witches features a 30-card witch-themed mini-expansion, and pre-orders will include the 10-card promo pack as well. We also have a number of upcoming Munchkin expansions available for pre-order, including Munchkin Squids, Munchkin Cows, and Munchkin Druids. You can even get the Colossal Munchkin Level Die, one of our fan-favorite items, in three different colors!

Speaking of Munchkin, the Dice Store features our new Munchkin Polyhedral Dice Sets. Each set includes new Munchkin promo cards corresponding to the numbers on the dice as well as the color of the set. (Yes, each set has different cards!) And that's just the tip of the (d)iceberg – we have over a hundred dice available on the store! There's tons of specialty stuff like Weather Dice, The Elder Futhark Die, the Bad Luck Die, and the Seven Deadly Sins Die, plus d6 sets like the Ocean Dice and the brand-new Brick d6 Dice Set. Start off the new year with some shiny new dice!

Both Backerkit stores are closing this evening; get your orders in now!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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