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January 24, 2023: Wiz-War Live On Kickstarter!

The classic game of wizarding warfare is back! Wiz-War is live on Kickstarter now, returning for a ninth edition. In Wiz-War, players take control of a variety of wizards trying to nab treasure from their opponents or defeat them with spells like Fireball! and Lightning! With modular, double-sided gameboards, each arena is unique and provides a new maze to explore.

Designed by Tom Jolly, our new edition features art by the legendary Phil Foglio. You'll get standies, lots of tokens for spell effects, and a custom d4/d8 combination die that is unique to this edition!

The campaign runs until February 2, so pledge now. And tune into Twitch at 2 p.m. Central this Thursday to catch a live-play of the game with Steve Jackson!

-- Hunter Shelburne

Wiz War

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