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February 25, 2011: International Store Of The Month: Leisure Games

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Are you visiting London on vacation (or "holiday" as our friends across the pond call it)? Stop by Leisure Games, conveniently located near Finchley Central station, on the Northern Line. If you're a resident of London -- or of the UK in general -- you likely already know them, either from their storefront or from their support of the local game clubs and conventions.

Being active with the local gamers works to balance the lack of in-store gaming space. This is crucial, as being able to show off games is just as important around the world as it is in the States. And although their floor space is limited, Leisure Games has built a reputation for stocking . . . well, just about everything. A point of personal pride for the store is their selection of small press RPGs. They take the time to research and track down copies of the sorts of games you're unlikely to hear about any other way.

25th Anniversary Party! Over the years, RPG players have learned that if they're in the mood for a new game, this is the place to look. Started in 1985, Leisure Games also gained prominence by combining their store front with a mail-order business. Today, while this model isn't unheard of, it's still unusual, and LG does it very well. They ship globally, and since they're pulling from their well-stocked shelves, they rarely need to "special order" what you're looking for.

I've got to admit I'm quite jealous of the London gaming scene. With a store like Leisure Games -- well-established, well-stocked, well-run -- and the ability to play games in a nearby pub, it sounds like an excellent  . . . business trip! Yeah that's it!

-- Paul Chapman

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