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February 4, 2011: Steve Jackson Games And Plutopia

You know who we are, but who is this "Plutopia"?

Plutopia has grown out of a group of event designers who organized several SXSW after-parties. They evolved from the usual "loud bands and cheap drinks" into more creative and sophisticated productions.

This year, Steve Jackson Games will be part of their "The Future Of Play" event on March 14. It'll be part of the SXSW Interactive family of events, and we'll be showing how traditional games can rub elbows with the techno toys.

Still not really sure what Plutopia does? If you're free Saturday night (February 5th), you can experience a sampler of the March event at Beauty Bar here in Austin. More information on the location is here (no cover!).

Stop by the Beauty Bar this weekend and chat with SJ, Phil, and whoever else ventures forth from the Steve Jackson Games HQ to attend. Play some games, listen to some music, and find out what Plutopia's all about!

Update: Snow Day!

Due to the snow-covered ice, the vast majority of our Austin-based staff is staying home. Please feel free to leave a voice mail or send us an e-mail, and we'll respond on Monday, weather willing. If you're in Austin, stay off the roads if possible; if not, drive cautiously.

-- Paul Chapman

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