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February 9, 2011: Today At The Office

was a lot like every day at the office. That is: it was different.

  • I finished the Stakeholders' Report for 2011 except for the discussion of priorities, because we are still bickeri . . . ahh, energetically discussing that. But you'll see the report soon.
  • Phil and Andrew showed me a printout of a new countertop display for Munchkin. And I was all "Isn't that awfully small?" I was genuinely dismayed at the size, and very slow to catch on to the fact that they'd reduced it, a LOT, to fit an 11" x 17" sheet. Cue the Homer Simpson noise . . .
  • We approved the graphics for a very, very limited-edition Munchkin thingie.
  • We ran madly around in circles preparing for the New York Toy Fair.
  • I tried to return a phone call from Brazil. In fact, I am almost certain that I did return it, but voicemail systems in other languages are the kind of adventure where you can never be sure whether you are winning or already dead.
  • I walked many, many laps around the office (because I need steps, and it's COLD outside) while testing a new phone app. It's almost ready to submit, and its name rhymes with Funchkin Bevel Mounter for Zandroid.
  • The Cthulhu Dice Bags in the lobby table were fetchingly rearranged into a bouquet.

No, Cthulhu doesn't really come in that color. My iPhone is attacking my sanity by showing purple Cthulhu as royal blue.

-- Steve Jackson

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