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February 9, 2015: It's Time For New York Toy Fair!

This year New York Toy Fair runs from February 14 through February 17, and I'm loaded with all of the tools necessary to sit in sales meetings and show the upcoming new games including . . . well, I guess I really can't say much about the new games since they're unannounced at this time. I can happily report, though, that Munchkin Steampunk is just one new core set planned for 2015, and part of what I'll be discussing with buyers are the 2016 Munchkin plans. We have something a bit different in the works for Munchkin's 15th anniversary next year, and just as soon as we're ready to share with the world you can bet we will post it here.

This year's Toy Fair experience will be quite different from the last six or so years that I've been attending the show. Steve, Andrew, John, and many others will be at our special Munchkin World NYC event the 13th through the 15th, and as I get time I'll jump from the show floor to the event space. This pop-up store has been months in the making, and there's no way I won't get there at least once to see the event in action. If you are anywhere near NYC don't miss out on your chance to get games signed, play games, and maybe even get a sneak peek at what's coming up for Munchkin in 2015.

-- Phil Reed

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