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February 6, 2015: Illuminated Site of the Week: The Cat's Eee-Yow

Illuminated Site of the Week:
Horror writer H.P. Lovecraft felt the most merciful thing in the world was that men couldn't correlate its contents. Having your cat do it for you doesn't seem like much of an improvement. His cognitive abilities are limited to say the least, and he'll probably bat at the tentacles of monsters with his claws when they come for him. But why not let him take all the chances exploring the darkest areas of this veil of tears? If you're willing to venture into Tumblr - surely as maddening an experience as any Howard Philips could have imagined - you can see how observations on the Mythos jibe when paired with cat pictures at H.P. Lovecat.
-- Suggested by Simon Ponder and Scott Slemmons

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