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February 3, 2015: Welcome Susan!

susanbueno "I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn, and a king." (Frank Sinatra, "That's Life") Just kidding. I ran into a few, um, problems when I tried to be the king. I'm still dealing with those "And don't ever come back to this palace!" feelings of rejection. Being a pirate is really cool, though.

The advent of 2015 found me in a new job in a new city. I had been living in Miami (and other, even more southern, places) for more than 20 years, mainly teaching English and Math and doing private tutoring. I grew up in Houston, though, and actually spent my freshman year at UT Austin. Last century. So . . . Austin is a wee bit colder than Miami right now, but I'm still excited to be here. My background is not in gaming – it runs more toward the editing side of things. My task here is to make Things run more smoothly for Phil while he does Important Stuff. There's never a dull moment, and sometimes I get to do Stuff, too!

When I'm not at Steve Jackson Games, I can be found reading, playing Words with Friends (and occasionally with Complete Strangers), throwing random toys at for my dog and cat, baking double chocolate brownies, eating double chocolate brownies, and spending quality time with The Last Kid I Still Have At Home <3.

-- Susan Bueno

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