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December 30, 2021: GURPS Reign Of Steel 1997 New Release Solicitation


The Steve Jackson Games archives stretch back decades into the past, loaded with all sorts of fun information, images, and surprises. When you've been active for over forty years, you tend to hold onto some really fun and unusual stuff.

From issue #54 of Where We're Going, our on-again/off-again newsletter, comes this full-page solicitation for the release of the GURPS Reign of Steel world book. Digging even deeper into our records, I find that there have been two distribution-released printings of the book, a PDF release, and a print-on-demand release. I don't have access to exact printing information at the moment; many of our print records are in physical files at the office and there simply hasn't been time to spend days exploring those old records. Might make for a fun holiday break, though!

Although first published in 1997, you can find GURPS Reign of Steel in print right now through the print-on-demand offering at Amazon.

-- Phil Reed

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