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December 21, 2021: Fulfill Your Stocking Stuffer Fantasy (Trip)

The Fantasy Trip Melee Wizard

The Fantasy Trip is a vast, ever-expanding world of adventures, but getting started isn't hard at all, and it fits perfectly inside a Christmas stocking! Melee and Wizard are the building blocks of the game in small boxes, but don't mistake their modest size for a lack of content. You still get lots of tokens, a map sheet, and dice to start your quest.

Melee will get you fighting, taking your heroes and matching them against monsters, or each other, while teaching the basics of the easy-to-grasp combat system. You can get it as our gift to you via a free PDF download on Warehouse 23! And you can learn the ways of the magic system with Wizard. Take control of a spellcaster with a similarly-packed box of fantasy fun.

You can find Melee and Wizard (as well as lots more Fantasy Trip goodies) on Warehouse 23 and at your local game store. Both of these games are packed with content, but are easy to learn and sized perfectly for stockings. Almost too perfectly . . . I wonder if Santa would play a wizard or a fighter?

-- Hunter Shelburne

Postscript from SJ: Santa travels quickly, slides down chimneys, and eats your cookies. I'm thinking "rogue."

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