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December 9, 2021: Coming December 13: The Fantasy Trip Foes STL Miniatures Kickstarter Campaign


Next Monday, December 13, we're launching The Fantasy Trip Foes on Kickstarter, a new STL miniatures project that offers new fantasy miniatures that you can print yourself! Designed for resin printers, the minis were created for use with The Fantasy Trip . . . or any fantasy RPG or skirmish game of your choosing! We're offering octopus minis, skeletons, orcs, and even the Long Lankin in this campaign, with the base reward level (choose one of two different orc clans or the skeletons) for only $5. If you want to get all of the STLs offered in this project, you'll walk away with 25 different STL files for $15 . . . or a lot more if we unlock stretch goals!

You can't wait and want to get a closer look at the project today? Download the free sample file  an STL octopus  at either Warehouse 23 or DrivethruRPG, and then join us December 13 for the launch of The Fantasy Trip Foes on Kickstarter!

-- Phil Reed


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