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December 15, 2020: New Releases For April

April is closer than you think, no fooling. We've got a new release to make your spring a little springier!


Dice Bag: Munchkin Kittens

Store your litter of kitten dice!
Katie Cook's Munchkin Kittens make a special curtain call for this very munchkin-y dice bag! This fancy satin-lined Dice Bag: Munchkin Kittens will hold all the dice you need to carry right meow!
Use it to store your Kitten d6 Dice Set and bring them to your game table.

-- Hunter Shelburne

Note: If you adopted your Kitten d6 Dice Set in 2020, you'll want to bring home a new set in April -- we're bringing the kitties back in all new colors!
-- sb

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