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December 27, 2020: Steve Jackson Games' Hottest PDFs At DrivethruRPG

You already know that we offer GURPS, The Fantasy Trip, In Nomine, and much more in PDF at Warehouse 23, but did you know that our PDFs are also available at DrivethruRPG? With over 700 titles listed at the DrivethruRPG site, there are a lot of choices to make when you start digging through our catalog. Fortunately, we can use sales data to help identify ten PDFs that might be of value to your gaming library.

As of this writing, these are our (current) top ten sellers at DrivethruRPG:

  1. GURPS Basic Set: Characters
  2. GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns
  3. Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game - Powered by GURPS
  4. The Fantasy Trip: Red Crypt
  5. The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition
  6. How to Be a GURPS GM
  7. In Nomine Core Rulebook
  8. GURPS Low-Tech
  9. GURPS Magic
  10. GURPS Space

-- Phil Reed

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