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January 15, 2021: Did You Miss The 2020 GURPS PDF Challenge?

Last summer, we ran a GURPS Kickstarter campaign that brought a dozen different GURPS titles into the world. Those who missed out on the campaign continue to ask: "When will these PDFs be available at Warehouse 23?"

While we're not yet ready to answer that question, we can say that the $24 reward level in the upcoming GURPS Pyramid Scheme project on Kickstarter will include all twelve of the challenge PDFs and the three new Pyramid issues. That's a total of fifteen PDFs for only $24, a great deal for 180 pages worth of GURPS PDFs on Day One . . . and over 250 pages if all of the project stretch goals are unlocked.

Follow the GURPS Pyramid Scheme today and don't miss out when the project goes live on Monday.

-- Phil Reed

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