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April 28, 2012: Return To Hong Kong

I'll be away from the office between May 4 and May 14 as I join David, our rep from Grand Prix International, for a trip to Hong Kong. What will I be doing in Hong Kong this time? Well, mostly talking about Ogre, Munchkin, and a few upcoming plush projects (*cough* Duck of Doom *cough*), and taking a tour of multiple factories in China. I've gotten clearance to take photos of our projects in China, so when I return -- or maybe while I'm in Hong Kong if I get the time -- I'll upload photos to our Flickr account. I'm not completely sure what I'll see in production while I'm at the factories, but with any luck I'll get a close look at our Cthulhu Dice tooling (because I want to see just what one of those molds looks like up close).

But while you wait for new photos, don't miss the older collection of factory photos. If you're at all like me and love seeing how things are made, the pics that we have already posted will keep you entertained while I snap new shots and try to get up close and personal with compression-molding and injection-molding equipment. And if I get really lucky, we'll have enough of our Ogre tooling plans finalized that I'll get to peek at the construction of the mechanical dies for the game. That would be fun!

What else will I do in Hong Kong? Well, I have a couple of days scheduled as a "vacation," so I'll no doubt go toy shopping (see my "Toy Shopping in Hong Kong" DI from 2011 for an idea of what this involves), try to get to a game cafe or two, and basically just enjoy the sights, sounds, and (some) of the smells of the city. It truly is a remarkable place . . . is there any chance that I could find a way to telecommute from Hong Kong?

-- Phil Reed

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