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April 13, 2012: Kickstarter Progress

The Kickstarter project for Ogre is surpassing all expectations. We blew past Stretch Goals 1 and 2 in the first 24 hours, hit #3 only a little later, and passed #4 in the evening, forcing me to edit this posting after it was in the queue (awwwww! poor baby!). So to fulfill those stretch goals:

#1 ($40,000) - Here are templates you can use to make your own Mk III and Mk V Ogres in 3-D. Here are the versions with no lines at all. And here's Phil, as Mr. Hands, showing how they go together.

#2 ($75,000) - We will add an extra, exclusive counter sheet to all copies sold through Kickstarter. Survey coming soon for what we should put on that sheet! You don't have to be a current supporter in order to vote.

#3 ($90,000) - I have already started working on four new scenarios to be published in November. Working title for the first one is "Woodsrunners."

 #4 ($100,000) - We add the Ogre blueprint poster to the set. And the cool thing is, the box is so big, the poster can go in flat!

The other part of the $100,000 level was that we'd announce another stretch goal. We actually announced two. At $110K, you get some 3-D building patterns for your homemade Ogres to shoot up. And at $130K, I have to write four more scenarios (awwwww! awwwwwwwww! POOR Stevie!)

If you have already supported, THANK YOU. If you haven't, please check out the project and support us. And if you are outside the US, we ARE working on how you can support and get copies. It's going to be expensive to ship that huge box, and we're trying to reduce that cost as much as we can before we ask anyone to commit.

-- Steve Jackson

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