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April 9, 2012: Come For The Accommodations; Stay For The Duration Of Your Sentence

GURPS Traveller Classic: Planetary Survey 6 - Darkmoon
If I wanted to come up with a really awesome Traveller supplement, I'd probably start with a cool premise. Say, "a prison planet." I'd make sure to get one of the best writers in the biz . . . like David L. Pulver. I'd make sure it's full of ideas for how to use this world in a campaign -- not only "life in prison" adventures, but also deep-undercover possibilities, prison riots, and more.

Then I'd probably be delighted to learn I'd been beaten to the punch, and that my awesome conceptual supplement exists right now. Newly released to e23, GURPS Traveller Classic: Planetary Survey 6 - Darkmoon covers all aspects of life on the prison world. It comes with details of the planet, its maximum-security penitentiary, life in prison, and scads of info for how to use it in your game.

If you've ever dreamed of sending your enemies to an "escape-proof" facility 10 miles beneath the briny waves of a forsaken planet -- and I imagine that includes most of us -- you owe it to yourself to check out GURPS Traveller Classic: Planetary Survey 6 - Darkmoon. And that goes double if you have any enemies with plans of their own . . .

-- Steven Marsh

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