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April 25, 2022: Quick Quests Campaign Ending Today

At 1:00 Austin time today, the latest Kickstarter campaign for The Fantasy Trip comes to a close. This project brings two new entries in the Quick Quest series to print and, based on your requests, we're even offering the series in PDF for those of you who prefer to store your roleplaying game titles on a tablet or laptop. The creative work is complete and the Kickstarter has met the goal, so we will be sending these to the printer ASAP and the adventures will be shipped out to the Kickstarter backers as fast as we can receive the printed adventures and fit the delivery process into our schedule. 

There's one stretch goal left: a third Quick Quest adventure! We can only unlock this final stretch goal if we see several of you join in the Kickstarter during these final hours. Please check out the project before it closes!

-- Phil Reed

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