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April 7, 2022: The Fantasy Trip Quick Quests 6 And 7 Coming To Kickstarter!

The next two releases in the Quick Quest series of micro-adventures for The Fantasy Trip are headed to Kickstarter! These compact, tri-fold brochure adventures continue the series. Project stretch goals, if unlocked, will add another Quick Quest as well as the Quick Quest-sized Talent Reference to the project rewards.

In addition to these two new adventures, we're also offering PDF ($10) and print ($50) introductory reward levels for those of you who have not yet tried The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game. These special reward levels are an incredible bargain; so good, in fact, that we wouldn't be shocked to see those of you who already play TFT snatch them up to use as gifts.

Please follow the Kickstarter page today to receive email notification just as soon as the campaign goes live next week.

-- Phil Reed

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