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April 10, 2022: GURPS Character Assistant Version 5 Released

GURPS Character Assistant

GURPS Character Assistant  the popular Windows software that makes creating GURPS characters quick and easy  has been updated to Version 5, in its most ambitious update yet.

If you've purchased GCA previously, the new version is in your Download Library. If you haven't bought this software, what're you waiting for? It's a great time to unleash the power.

What's New?

There's a forum post that lists the innovations of most interest. However, let's shine a spotlight on its improved speed and robustness. It also provides better support for loadouts, transformations, and armor; can generate random characters; and includes improved editors. (Check out the latest screenshots!)

Important Note for Prior Users

If you're a previous user of GCA, please note that the old version (Version 4) is not compatible with this version, and is no longer supported. (You can load Version 4 characters into the new version as normal, but you can't save anything to the old format.) Those who purchased Version 4 with their Warehouse 23 accounts  basically, folks who purchased it before February 7  have had a copy of the previous Version 4 software added to their accounts, marked as "Legacy Only." We do not recommend you use the old version (have we mentioned how amazing the new version is, also ready to download from your account?). However, if you have lots of Version 4 files and it's essential to maintain compatibility, hopefully that will make things easier for you.

Also, if you downloaded GCA5 when it was first uploaded and your version is below 5.0.172, we recommend you download the latest version from your Download Library. Like most big version changes, the software has received some bug fixes as more folks have gotten to try the updated software.

The new version of GURPS Character Assistant is a great way to build character  lots of them!

-- Steven Marsh

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