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April 4, 2022: Preorder The Newest Car Wars Sixth Edition Playmat Before April 11!


Now that the Kickstarter rewards have made it through the warehouse and the Warehouse 23 preorders have shipped, we've opened preorders for a new 24" x 24" Car Wars Sixth Edition playmat at BackerKit. This City Block 1 playmat is the first in what may be a series of playmats, usable either for smaller battles or as part of a larger playscape. 

We've run the playmat through the print test and now it is time to determine how many to print. Our warehouse is a tad overloaded at the moment, so we're planning to print to fulfill the preorders plus a small number for Warehouse 23 and convention sales. This means the best way to get your hands on this playmat is to place a preorder before April 11. As an added incentive and thank you for placing your preorder early, we've included a bundle: four of these new playmats for the price of three.

In addition to City Block 1, this is also your second chance at the oversized Double Drum playmat, the Dashboard Playmats, and several Car Wars Sixth Edition titles* including the core game.

Preorder the new playmat today!

-- Phil Reed

* Please note that Car Wars Sixth Edition will be released on Warehouse 23 later this month. If you want to get your hands on the existing expansions and accessories before the new playmat ships, we recommend waiting to place an order for the game, expansions, and accessories at Warehouse 23 later this month. The playmats are expected to ship in June.

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