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September 29, 2011: Waterfowl Are Dangerous

Munchkin Axe Cop Monster: Duck Munchkin players have long known that picking up a duck in a dungeon is a bad idea. This is true even . . . especially! . . . in Munchkin Axe Cop.

Duck may be just a level 1 monster, but since it's immune to Bomb, Grenade, and Exploding Items, as well as Fire/Flame attacks, you'll need to work for that one treasure. And if you fail -- say because someone added . . . Of Doom! to the Duck (which would be completely cheating, since . . . Of Doom! is an Item Enhancer, not a Monster Enhancer -- ed.) -- you not only suffer the shame of falling before a mere waterfowl, you lose your Armor!

Duck is part of Munchkin Axe Cop, due out on store shelves in early November.

-- Paul Chapman

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