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September 4, 2011: A Bad Game On A Beautiful Table

Way back in January I dug into my childhood and posted a review of the old Zaxxon board game. Based on the classic arcade game of the eighties, this board game was one I played as a kid . . . but reading the rules as an adult makes me wonder about the sanity of my younger self. I mean really, did I actually understand those oddly-written rules or was I just moving cool spaceship toys around on a board and blasting awesome little plastic turrets? 

And the review does more than just show that I had problems when I was a kid. To give the game a bit of class I shot the components on my fantastic gaming coffee table built by the mastercraftsmen at Geek Chic. I doubt that they intended their gorgeous coffee table to be used to display bad board games from the eighties, but that's exactly what I did with it. I've also used it to play the occasional good game, but I couldn't resist the urge to use a very nice piece of furniture to show off a very bad board game. I know, I'm weird.

-- Phil Reed

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