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September 12, 2011: A Big Milestone For John Kovalic!

John K. has been illustrating Munchkin for more than ten years now. After the first few years, he remarked to me that, though he liked the game and played a lot, he'd never won.

As the years went by . . . he still never won.

UNTIL SATURDAY NIGHT! On September 10, 2011, John finally won a game of Munchkin - he defeated the Bad Smell to get to Level 10. You can go read his happy tweets about it - he's @muskrat_john. Now, will it be another ten years before he wins again?

Phil, Andrew, and I will be in Madison all next week for the ACD show - and a lot of that time will be hanging out with John, talking about 2012 Munchkin plans and whatever else comes to mind. If you're a retailer, come to the show, see what's new, and play games with us.

-- Steve Jackson

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