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September 5, 2011: A New Dawn On A Dark Tomorrow

GURPS Reign of Steel Will to Live

Has that killer robot you purchased a decade ago lost its luster? Have you been looking for a reason to boot up your beloved brutal bioroid gathering dust in the closet? Have you wanted to upgrade your automaton attackers to a new era of terror?

We've heard your cries for help and taken appropriate action. With GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live, we've updated the classic GURPS Reign of Steel setting to GURPS Fourth Edition.

This supplement is designed to work in conjunction with the original book, revising and expanding the information therein to make it fully compatible with the latest edition of GURPS. It includes Fourth Edition info for human heroes, tips for fighting the mechanical menace (with three GURPS Martial Arts styles), and full stats and templates for over 30 robots. It also features new fiction by David Pulver, architect of the original Reign of Steel setting.

Even if you aren't intending to use this in conjunction with the original tome, this supplement should still prove useful as a catalog of specialized robot designs. (What GURPS campaign can't use four-legged, turreted murderous metal monsters?)

With GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live, you'll run the next generation of killer chrome . . . and then you'll run for your life!

-- Steven Marsh

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