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October 27, 2021: Pre-Order One Roll Quest Today!


Offered as a part of our Random Fun Generator 2 pre-order campaign on BackerKit, One Roll Quest is Steve's new single die roll fantasy RPG that is intended to be played as you wait for the stragglers to arrive for game night. This extremely fast-playing dice game –- One Roll Quest uses a large clear six-sided die with five tiny six-sided dice inside –- is great for the storytellers at the table. Select your characters, roll the die, and then roleplay the result! 

One Roll Quest is a direct-sales title scheduled for release at Warehouse 23 either late this year or early next year. (Freight headaches make it difficult to nail down the exact release date at this time. The game is complete, on a boat, and at the mercy of the shipping gods.)

Pre-order One Roll Quest today!

-- Phil Reed

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