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October 8, 2021: Tossing Game Boxes?!

Like most of you, I have a healthy collection of board games. That said, there's only so much shelf space. And closet space. And garage and attic space. So in the name of  'Spring Cleaning,' I've been doing what I can to make room.
Last year I went through and painstakingly figured out which games I didn't need in my collection anymore. Games I just didn't like, games I never got around to playing, and games I somehow had more than one copy of went to friends or to stores that buy/take used things. That was hard enough.
This year, I'm afraid that more sacrilege was necessary. It was time to combine game boxes. Inserts and dividers came out, neatly bagged and labeled expansions went in. Accessories like third-party custom-designed inserts and storage solutions like our Monster Boxes really help save space.
Removing inserts is bad enough, but then you have to throw away the boxes. The horror. Alternatively, you could cut off the front of the box and decorate the walls of your game room! Get creative! Tell us in the forums what spring cleaning means for your collection!

-- Devin Lewis

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