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October 9, 2023: Checking Out A New FLGS In Austin

Bat City

We're very fortunate in Austin to have a number of awesome game stores, so I know it comes off as spoiled to say the following: I wish there was one that was within WALKING distance of me! Well, now there is . . . with Bat City Games & Comics, a new friendly local game store in my own neighborhood. I was able to visit during the grand opening and inadvertently was the first purchase of the store (shoutout to Smirk & Dagger Games! I had to pick up BOOoop). The store is spacious, well organized, and filled with lots of natural light. And did I mention it's close to me? Like I said, very spoiled, but very fortunate. And of course, they carry Steve Jackson Games products, including lots of Munchkin and Zombie Dice!

If you're in the Austin area, it's worth a trip. And regardless of where you are, make sure you support your friendly local game store

-- Hunter Shelburne

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