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October 3, 2023: On Demand Prices NOT Going Up!

Man to Man

GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition, Revised

"Does the lack of a price increase warrant an exclamation point?" you might ask. It seems like we're constantly not raising prices; what makes this noteworthy? You're absolutely right, rhetorical question-asker. I need to unpack that a bit.

In recent years, we've spent a lot of effort to offer as much "classic" material in print as possible, especially through our popular On Demand program that keeps the GURPS library a click away. As arguably the primary chin-stroker at the company in this realm (complete with regulation goatee and everything), it came to my attention that the costs to print these items have gone up due to universal increases made in June by various POD printers.

We ran the numbers and decided we would not increase our prices for now. Obviously, the odds pull inexorably toward future price increases, and new cost increases will make the calculations more challenging. We hope that keeping these books affordable now leaves more room in your budgets to add them to your shelves.

Still, if you've been considering color reprints; classics like Man to Man or GURPS Basic Set for Third Edition; or new-to-print releases such as GURPS Gun Fu, GURPS Adaptations, or the first three volumes of the GURPS Monster Hunters series, you might want pick them up sooner rather than later. Even our vaunted ties to the Illuminati are no match for the cosmic forces of inflation.

-- Steven Marsh

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