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October 3, 2021: August 2021 Top Sellers

We knew there was a demand for the reprints of Munchkin Kittens and Munchkin Puppies, but we had no idea there was so much demand! Not only did both reprints make it into our top ten sellers for August, but both sold so fast that we've already placed reprint orders with the factory. The next round of Munchkin Kittens and Munchkin Puppies reprints aren't expected in the warehouse until 2022, so there's a very good chance that both of them will be out of stock before the holidays.

The other surprise entry into our August top sellers wasn't exactly a surprise; Deluxe Dice Bag: Festive Owls is the latest release in our line of drawstring, satin-lined dice bags, and the line keeps performing so very well that we have two completely new bags and two reprints (with changes) at the factory for release in 2022. Expect to see several more dice and dice bags in 2022, including (if all proceeds well) our first distribution-planned polyhedral dice sets. (For our first direct release polyhedral title, don't miss the Roman Polyhedral Dice Set that is available right now.)

-- Phil Reed

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