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November 30, 2011: Radio Gaelcon

Long ago I had the pleasure of attending a Gaelcon in Dublin. For the 2011 con, which was held at the end of October, Colm Lundberg hit me up for a radio spot. With the help of Will (“Braaaaaiiiins”) Schoonover, I was able to send them a soundbite from our local zombie apocalypse. Now you can hear it on the Radio Gaelcon page.

Radio Gaelcon? Indeed! Several long podcasts, with interviews and comments from the con itself, plus some actual music that DJ Colm thinks you should hear. You can hear my spot a bit past 30% of the way through the Saturday Morning edition, but if you don’t listen to more than that, you will miss the music and you’ll never find out about Skulls for Scouts or “Inaudibility Is A Feature, Not A Bug.”

-- Steve Jackson

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