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November 12, 2011: Hello, Monica V!

Picking up some of Paul Chapman's duties will be our new Marketing Director, Monica Valentinelli. Monica is a writer, blogger, and game designer; you can read a lot of what she's done at mlvwrites.com. She was also the founder of Speak Out With Your Geek Out.

Monica meets the Duck of Doom! I'm not even sure, now, where I first met Monica, but I remember the first time we really got to talk! It was at the ACD trade show last year. I was playtesting Munchkin Zombies, and she was one of the players. She was clearly getting into it and having a lot of fun roleplaying what happened on the cards. She also asked good questions! And she wrote a pre-release review for the Flames Rising blog. She called the cards "disgusting and wrong," which made me very happy. That was the idea!

Monica lives in Madison, Wisconsin, where she already wears another hat as John Kovalic's business manager. She'll continue to help John there while telecommuting to her SJ Games gig (and that job overlap will be nothing but good for our Munchkin scheduling).

Monica describes herself as a stealth nerd and possible Cylon. She'll fit right in.

-- Steve Jackson

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