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November 17, 2011: Cthulhu Dice Fans, The Original Colors Are Going Away

Our primary warehouse in Georgia is now completely out of stock of the original four colors of Cthulhu Dice. If you've been meaning to grab any of the first wave of colors -- see the Cthulhu Dice webpage for the list -- then now is the time because we have no plans to re-release those original colors. Will there be more colors? Absolutely! The blue and yellow die is just now shipping to distributors and the sparkly pink die is coming later this month, but it's looking like those also won't last long. So we're already at work on another wave of completely new colors.

(And we're looking into a replacement for the glass stones that come with the game, but the details will have to wait until we decide whether or not our insane idea for sanity will really work.)

-- Phil Reed

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