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November 10, 2011: I'm Going To Hal-Con

This weekend, November 12-13, I will be a guest at Hal-Con in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm looking forward to it because I've never been anywhere near Halifax before -- so I expect to meet some fans I've never met -- and because it's going to be a big event! This is a media/comics/allkindsofstuff con with a gaming track, so I expect to be playing games and seeing a lot of people and things from outside the gaming world.

It will be cold. I will live.

I'll have a Q&A session. I'll show off some new releases, some maybe-someday games that we're testing, and some plush prototypes (Duck of Doom, anyone?) -- and award the prize for the Munchkin tournament. I expect that Munchkin Axe Cop will be in stores by this weekend, and hopefully there will be copies in the dealer room, but I'll be sure to bring one anyway. You will like it.

Seems like there was something else . . . Oh, right.

I'll be announcing the next Munchkin core set. In case you're interested . . .

-- Steve Jackson

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