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May 8, 2011: What Am I Doing This Summer? Howard Days!

I'm a fan of Robert E. Howard (Wikipedia), and this summer I'll take my enjoyment of Howard's work one step beyond reading as I attend Howard Days in Cross Plains, TX. When you live less than four hours from a celebration of Conan's creator you've just gotta go, right? The event takes place on June 10 and 11, and I plan to have way too much fun visiting the Howard House, sitting in on a few panels, and exploring the books and zines at the flea market. 

I've been meaning to attend the event for a few years now, but it has finally reached the point that I've made the necessary arrangements so I can go be a complete geek at a show that doesn't require me to do any work at all.

If you live near Cross Plains, TX (Google map) and have those days free I suggest you come on out. I have no idea exactly what to expect, but I hope that this will be a lot of fun. (At the very least the flea market should have some real gems.)

-- Phil Reed

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